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Elong led began as a professional online retailer with the goal of creating
well-designed and energy-efficient LED lighting that makes it easy for
electricians to install and end-users to save energy.
We focus on architectural linear lighting fixtures and also offers a wide selection of indoor commercial lightings. We provide many different
kinds of LED fixtures made for different applications including businesses, homes, medical facilities, electronics, and wherever
there is a need for light.
Having our own factory – from innovative engineer team,
rigorous quality management and professional operators
to test lab technicians and our sales.
Keeping developing new products and weed through
the old to bring forth the new, sparing no effort to
better meet our customers' needs.
Testing all products extensively for quality and
dependability before shipped.
Working with our suppliers to keep prices
affordable and competitive.
Offering a wholesale price service for OEM,
re-seller and commercial customers.
Providing rapid after-sales service and quick response
for your any questions in 24 hrs.